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    Look at some of the welding and railway shop maintenance books in the Prelinger archive. (They are long out of copyright and free to download.)

    They routinely gas welded massive castings for locomotives which were subject to plenty of hard use in service. Repair of severely damaged automobile engine parts was often the only way to get the job done.

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    Hey case,
    Thanks for the link, I bookmarked it. Some great information.....

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    I haven't done much cast iron, but appreciate the info. Subscribed for use at a later time

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    Got a question, Pap. Maybe I was misled a long time ago, but I thought the way to handle that crack would have been (after grooving it out) to stop-drill the ends of the cracks, and then make the short welds starting from the stop-drilled ends, not from the open end of the crack as you did (if I am seeing the pictures right). What is your thinking on the direction of crack-welding?

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