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    Default marking saddle cuts for pipe fencing ~ Pic of stencil tool

    Pic of a tool we use for marking the saddle cut works great and is fast and easy if you already have pipe in the ground or for pre cut pipe

    Here is a pic of what you need they can be bought at most local welding supply stores for different sizes of pipe.

    hope this helps
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    I've had the shur kuts for years. In fact I have one that I didn't see available on their web site. It's for saddling two and three eighths to two and three eighths at one end. On the other it's set up for saddling two and three eighths to two and seven eighths.

    I don't think I've used them for probably five years or more. If I'm doing a bunch of pipe posts or building rail fence I use my Vogel.

    If I'm just doing one or two pieces then I use the portaband. I can saddle a joint easier and faster than most people can with a torch using the portaband. This is especially true if you consider set up time. There's no sparks which can be important when there's a fire hazard.

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    I have used the jigs that you trace and then cut with the torch, and like others i prefer the shur kut.
    The best saddles that i have ever cut have been wtih the chop saw using Archer's Pipe Saddle cutter. I have used it for guard rail, hand rail and pipe fences of all sizes. You need only the one jig for 1/2"-4".
    It basicly sets you saw up to cut 30* angles. The draw back in you cant cut saddles in pipe that is already in the ground.
    Here is a link to the website.

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