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Thread: Smoker

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    on the thought of a pto rotisserie its a good idea my smoker is trailer built but the fire pit in the yard is bigger put the hog on a roller and park the skidsteer at the edge and have it rotisserie all day

    that sound like my next project
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    Quote Originally Posted by ohsobad_chevy View Post
    The reason I ask is because I thought about making one slightly smaller for portability. I was going to make a bracket for the receiver hitch to pin it in. Kind of like a tailgating smoker. From the research I have done so far, I don't think I will be able to make one that is light enough and will last very long. I would have to make it out of pretty thin material to keep it lighter.
    there was a photo of one made from a stainless beer keg but the link is no longer working. Here is so real different looking grilles and pits.
    Check out #6 tail gate/receiver grille Scroll down the page till you come to #6

    J.C. Yours turned out real nice, great job!
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    Yeah, that looks exactly like what I had in mind. I think I am going to make mine heavier so it will last and forget about making it portable.
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