You two are sufing Cyberspace, and making less than flattering comments about a Gentleman that you do not know.... and HE is the one with "Too much time on HIS hands"???

Hmmm... I think not.

What I can tell you about Paul...

He is from Newfoundland, and he is an uncompromising Perfectionist.....

He owns Specailty Repairs - The company mentioned in the video, and he goes into the same intricate detail with all of his work, and all of the projects that he publishes to the web for all of us to see...

The Crazy Cart.
The Trailer for his Miller Engine Driven Welder.
The Modifications to his Kubota Tractor.
The Forklift rebuild.
etc etc

I would think that a comment like "He has too much time on his hands" is rather Ignorant (No Matter HOW you intended it) and is selling Paul extremely short, especially since you are missing the point - He is an incredibly talented, and Proud Craftsman...

We should be so lucky as to have a Fraction of his abilities, and patience, and be able to pay that much attention to detail.

Rant Over.

Have a Good Night.