how bout this...I asked Miller to make and sell a Miller car tag to go on the frunt of cars or our pickup trucks/welding rigs. .like the CAT car tags you see on the frunt of pickups .you know the plastic ones, they could be blue with white Miller logo letters. .but NO they would not listen, hey it would be some great advertisement and they could make them probly inexpensive and sell a lot of them for just a few dollers each. ....humm

well what about a Miller logo magnet that you could put on your car/truck
heck you could even put it on your tool box. .I see lots of diffrent magnets at Wal-mart with all kinds of sport cymbels on them like socker balls
base balls, and all kinds of things. .you would think with all the things they sell at the promotional design Inc. seller of stuff for the Miller on line store
they could make and sell magnets.....just makes you think . I bet they have a lot of things at promotional designs that they dont sell, why cant they have magnets or car tags
what do you all think ?