Son has been into BBQ for a while, half and whole hogs, shoulders etc. Doing it for Veteran's groups, Fraternal order of Police etc.for their fund raisers.

He has been renting a ragged pit form a meat processing place. The last two times the pit's they gave him were nothing but problems. So as things go he decided he needed his own. He was going to build it with a friend that has built a number of them. Last minute the guy balks and backs out.
So I became the default builder.

I will say up front I know nothing about BBQ or the smokers. Since the guy that was to build it, bailed a week ago last Tuesday. We had to clean, season, and build the cooker box and fire box etc. as it is currently in use today on the other side of the state doing 170 plus pounds of pork shoulders for a veterans group.

It ain't pretty but it does the job, 4'x5' cooking grate area. I did learn what not to do when building one. As the info that was passed on to help us was bogus, wrong and was the points of more wasted time. So there will be some rework to be done before blasting and high temp painting of it.

We added 4 fold down trailer jacks to the frame so it could removed by placing the jacks on top of cinder blocks and lifting it up and sliding the trailer out. So it could be used for other things