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    Default Roll-around beater, thrid hand

    Roll-around beater, third hand
    Since I was in need of a third hand, movable to outside beating bending vise. I have been thinking of one of the truck rim mounted vises. Having an old rim, section of schedule 80 pipe, some salvage plate and a cleaned up 6" swivel type vise.

    I put this together to use on my son's smoker pit project. Think I will blast it when we do the pit. I also want to see if I rounded the corners enough! Along with if I need to put concrete in the pipe and rim bottom and top for more weight
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    yet another UN-Secured bottle on this site.. glad the safety lessons paid off

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    It's empty and it was on its way into the truck after as the photo' was taken. I 'm sure you secure the empty bottle before the full one on the cart.
    glen, If your not on the edge, your wasting space

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    Nice job. I like the portable stuff. Just got a new Sears catalog and was looking at the vice's offered. I think I will order two of the ones that cost $1999.00 each. Couldn't believe the prices on those big ones. Never in my life would I have guessed they could cost that much. If I had one or two of the Sears ones, I would have to secure them to my work bench, weld them to the bench and the bench welded to the shop so they wouldn't wander off. Anyway keep up the good work.


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