I am trying to find dimensional data and crossection information for 10 Gauge Formed C Channel. If you look at Truck Service Bodies or Flatbeds for trucks and even some trailers, they will tell you its (the trailer, service body, bed) is constructed with 10 guage formed c channel. I have done Google Searches till I'm blue in the face and cannot find any dimensional data of any kind let alone anybody that even sells this product for people to construct things with. Hopefully someone here, on this forum can direct me to the right place to get the information I am needing. I have found all the info I need on round, square, rectangular tubing, angle iron, and standard c channel, its the Formed material I'm having issues with. Many thanks to anyone who can help me find the information I am looking for. Please responde here on this thread or via private message.

Charlie Johnson
Plainview, TX