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    Thumbs up 15' drain trench project

    started this last week,, i sawed this gully and grate support system out of one piece of solid concrete... it will have a 4in drain pipe at the end that will take the water about 25feet away.

    the metal for the grate will be here at the end of the week,,, so it will be a few days until i get to the building/welding of the grate,,, its going to sit right on the ledges i made.

    i used my k960 gas saw for the down cuts and a 4/12 grinder with diamond blade installed to get at the side cuts for the supports.

    its a complicated cut,,, it also has a "V" cut at the very bottom to help drain every bit of water out,,, so you dont have standing water.

    ill add more pictures after i get my steel.

    im also doing frame offs on a 65gto conv and a 53/54 chevy custom pickup right now,,, ill post some pictures of those later this week.
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