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    at the shop i work at we used a wet cut band saw, or a dewalt chopsaw with the carbide blade. they both make angled cuts so much easier than a normal abrasive blade chop saw. i think i saw a dry cut bandsaw and harbor freight for about $100 too.

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    Ahhhh speed/rafter square it is! I don't know why I didn't think of that, probably because I don't have one. I'll pick one up at the hardware store today.
    I also like the sander idea for even better accuracy. I had been checking the miters with a tri sqaure, marking them, and sanding true with a grinder.
    I have a fairly big furniture project coming up for a client that this will come in very handy for.
    And, BTW sorry if I hi-jacked the original thread.

    Shot, the abrasive saws are all inaccurate, due to blade deflection, not just the cheap ones. I have found that the fiber reinforced wheels are a wee bit more accurate that the regular ones, but they cost a little more.

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    Cold saw....
    Tim Beeker,
    T-N-J Industries
    (my side bussiness)

    Miller Synchrowave 350LX with tigrunner
    Esab 450i with wire feeder
    HH135 mig
    Thermal Dynamics cutmaster 51 plasma cutter
    Miller aircrafter 330 - sold
    Marathon 315mm coldsaw
    vertical and horizontal band saws
    table saw
    Dewalt cut off saw
    Sand blast cabinet
    lots of hand grinders
    Harris torch
    beer fridge

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