I am building a cart for my HH-140. It will also hold my oxy/acet tanks, and, once I get it, a tank for the 140. I am using 1/8" X 1" angle and 1" square tubing. I plan to have places to hang grinders and store slag hammer, striker, tips, etc. I have general ideas in my head, but I am kind of designing as I go. I am bad that way. I start with a plan, but I get new ideas as I go and it always ends up different than the original plan.

So far I have the bottom tray almost done.

This is my old cheap import band saw. I got it for free from a guy who was throwing it out. It aint perfect, but I'll run it till it quits. Sure beats a hacksaw!

Here it is with castors mounted. They are bolt on style, but I welded them on. I plug welded them through the bolt holes to the corner plates. I'm not sure why, I guess because I have never plug welded anything before. The back wheels are fixed, and the front ones are swivel.