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    Default how is this weld?

    This was me welding a piece of scrap with my lincoln weld pak flux core welder. what do you guys think of it? im still learning. thanks
    heres the link

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    Hang on a sec, I need to go get my glasses....

    Do dee dooo..... umph.

    Oh its still fuzzy.

    Can you take another pic thats in focus?
    Will it weld? I loooove electricity!

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    And put a coin or something next to the piece, to give us some scale.

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    Cool welding scrap

    what position are you welding in? The only negative thing i can say is to slow your travel speed down a little. try practicing running stringers on flat plate 6 inches by 8 inches. cover the plate and lets see what that looks like. focus on uniform width and highth. Let's see some 1g,2g,and 3g positions. I believe your welds would be acceptable to an inspector, but remember this is an art.
    Try to make every weld better than the last one. Also it doesn't hurt to use that grinder and weld clean steel.

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