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    Default Upgrading from a maxstar to dynasty

    For the past few months ive been saving up towards a brand new dynasty 200DX water-cooled with all the running gear. I've always heard great things about inverter tigs but any tips or suggestions? I currently have a maxstar 140 with manual gas valve and no foot pedal DC only.

    On a seperate note I have been fairly dissapointed with the appearance of my welds on stainless. I dont have a problem making a consistent size bead but instead they turn a darker color and have a rough texture. I have seen plenty of hand-TIG'd things that look amazing but it just seems i cant get it down.

    Im sure that others have experienced the same thing and il see if i can post some pictures later

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    I was able to save up and I bought the Dynasty 200SD model to save a few bucks. I had to wait alittle bit but now have a coolmate1 and it's awesome to weld with it, I love the machine. I've never used a torch like yours but i'm sure you'll find a small water-cooled torch and foot pedal a MUCH eaiser set-up to weld with.

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    The dark color and rough texture sounds like poor gas coverage. Got any more info on your setup?

    Dynasty200DX w/coolmate1
    MM Vintage
    Lincoln AC225
    Victor O/A, Smith AW1A
    Cutmaster 81
    IR 2475N7.5FP
    Evolution Rage3
    Jancy USA101
    9" South Bend

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    Yes, i feel like i am maxing out the capabilities of the maxstar 140 for the kind of work and results i am trying to achieve.. i have a gas lense setup on the diamondback torch that came with the machine running 25-30 CFH using 3/32 2% thoriated and 308L filler rod. I know the only way to guarantee consistent results is by constructing everything myself so i know the grade of materials going into the end product. Just that doing random jobs on parts that people bring me and not having prior experience leaves me at having to guess what I am dealing with.

    Cant wait to order my dynasty and make a 6061 sheetmetal intake manifold for my volvo project

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    Your shielding gas flow rates seem a little high. Too high a flow rate will actually cause atmospheric gasses to be pulled into your shield, as well as turbulence in your shielding gasses causing poor welds. You might try backing your shielding gas flow down to 17-20 cfh. and see if the welds improve. I've heard great things about the Dynasty series from users. It seems like a large investment, unless you will need the A.C. output for aluminum work, or just have that kind of scratch to spend on a new rig.

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    yea I do plan on doing a lot of aluminum work in the future and not having a machine with AC is costing me right now.. being that 90% of my work will probably be stainless and aluminum i cant see buying anything but a dynasty. I sold my MM210 a few months back and haven't missed it that much although it was nice to know i had it. I think a 350P will be in the near future though

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