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Thread: Knowledge

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    Hey guys,
    Well, I see this thread may take off-tangent posts & I believe the OP was just providing insight into being a bit more self-aware on ones' personal actions & the results of neglect or carelessness.

    At 66, I've lived a very simple philosophy regarding safety & taking care of myself I was taught as a child growing up by my parents & "old world" grandparents. Their lesson was: "The Good Lord gave you only one body with all functioning parts....what you choose to do that jeopardizes any of those parts is YOUR fault." Quite simple, isn't it. All you have to do at any time is, when you get out of the bath or shower, stand naked & look at your body & think about the value of each of those parts. Ask yourself, "Do I like what I see in the mirror?" "What parts are valued the most?" "Do I do enough to protect them?" Then answer yourself. Remember, you only get ONE! That's it!

    I believe Steve(7A749) summed it up concisely. I only add some "food-for-thought".....not food-for-more-body-fat. Only you put the value on your body & all the parts.....nothing more....nothing less.

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    * I have no reservation to kill nor hesitation to die for the U.S. Constitution & the American Flag. *
    * Age is a state of mind..... at my age, you cannot fathom what is in my mind. *

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    You make a valid point.

    But lighting yourself on fire kinda comes with the territory...If I kept track of all the shirts I had lost to grinder, or welder induced flames...I'd be counting a bunch of shirts.

    I'm new (when compared to the career guys for certain) when it comes to welding and the industry in general...but I try to listen and read as much as I can, and practice what I know. I don't have all the answers...but if I don't have them, I can find them one way or another.

    I have however been around long enough to see what can happen if you do screw up...and its a great reminder to not let it happen to you. Wearing gloves at a drill press? Nope...not me. Loose shirt near a wire cup? Heck no. Fire extinguisher by the welders? Definitely.
    Precision is only as important as the project...if you're building a rocket ship...1/64" would matter. If you're building a 1/8" probably wont.

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    When giving advise I've always said use your common sense, Unfortunately telling someone to use there common sense that has none is useless.

    I had to do a job at a power substation a couple years ago where an Iron Work removed a temperary shoring post holding the channel beam and block before he installed the permenant one and it came crashing down on him and killed him.

    I got the task to write a proceedure as to how I would come in, dismantle everything and re- erect everything.
    And boy did they make me follow the proceedure to a TEE.

    I sat in bed for a couple of nights trying to figure out what the guy was thinking to do what he did and never figured it out.

    You always have to think.

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