There has been a lot of safety and my equipment doesn't work out of the box question's lately. No I know that some of you don't have the experience that some of us do. With that said when someone ask's " What's the safest way to do this or that" You have to ask yourself "What would a Professional welder do?" I'm not trying to upset anyone but our society has lost the ability to use common sense! If a propane bottle has just been taken out of service maybe you shouldn't cut it with a torch or a grinder. I'm not saying it can't be done but the diy fella is not going to have the experience or knowledge to do something like that. If your Victor regulator doesn't work "READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND DON"T TALK SMACK A?BOUT A PRODUCT YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!" I know there will be a bunch of hater's out there but I don't care if this save's one guy's finger's or life it's done it's job. I watched a guy lose all of his finger's on one hand in a 20ton break because he was to cool to ask for help. Welding is serious business it shouldn't be taken lightly. All it take's is a lapse in judgement and you've burnt your house down or lit yourself on fire. Enough ranting, Be safe and alway's protect your self that way you can hug your kids and wives at the end of the day! Just one man's opinion. Jef