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    There has been a lot of safety and my equipment doesn't work out of the box question's lately. No I know that some of you don't have the experience that some of us do. With that said when someone ask's " What's the safest way to do this or that" You have to ask yourself "What would a Professional welder do?" I'm not trying to upset anyone but our society has lost the ability to use common sense! If a propane bottle has just been taken out of service maybe you shouldn't cut it with a torch or a grinder. I'm not saying it can't be done but the diy fella is not going to have the experience or knowledge to do something like that. If your Victor regulator doesn't work "READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND DON"T TALK SMACK A?BOUT A PRODUCT YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!" I know there will be a bunch of hater's out there but I don't care if this save's one guy's finger's or life it's done it's job. I watched a guy lose all of his finger's on one hand in a 20ton break because he was to cool to ask for help. Welding is serious business it shouldn't be taken lightly. All it take's is a lapse in judgement and you've burnt your house down or lit yourself on fire. Enough ranting, Be safe and alway's protect your self that way you can hug your kids and wives at the end of the day! Just one man's opinion. Jef

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    Could not agree more!

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    I agree. But I just don't think it's fair for people to chime in with advise not based on real experience or knowledge and not indicating they are just sounding off(speaking to the Propane tank debate you refer to )
    With over 12 years experience, I believe I can humbly call my shelf a "professional". I do this for a living. I'm a very conscientious person. I've spoke to well qualified, industry professionals, on the topic and follow the preparation procedures without fail.
    If I'm theorizing in a reply, I indicate so. If I'm making a joke, I make it as clear as I can.
    Unfortunately, forums are so full of people that give advise based on no first hand experience, "a friend said...", or "I heard..." that I would say, yes, take any info you get as only a gauge. If what you're wondering seems possible, then go speak to someone, face to face, that is a "professional" or has first hand knowledge in the area of your question and get them to advise you or better yet show you.
    Work safe, surf safe, be safe.
    Best regards,

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    We have the safety 'industry' to blame for that. Thanks to agressive propaganda from govt, lawyers, and the fear of responsibility in big companies workers have unprecedented access to safety equipment and information. As well workers now are actually considered valuable enough to be worth saving from injury. This is mostly great news. The problem we see now is that workers are even less responsible for their own actions and safety since their entire behaviour is dictated by the "safety rules" enforced on them. When a new situation arises which isn't spelled out in the above rules workers are less likely to be able spot potential danger and figure out a way around it. What we end up with are people worried about their safety (good) but have trouble identifying the specific hazard and dealing with them without outside instruction.

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