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    Default Alternator went out....Need Info.

    I got a 2005 diesel pickup and my alternator went bad. I need to charge the batteries to move the truck, but I don't have quick access to another vehicle or a 12v charger. I have a XMT 304 cc/cv and I've heard of people charging batteries with them. How do I set my machine up? CC mode shows only amps, and v-sense feeder mode shows volts, but no amps.

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    Sell plasma to buy a battery charger? A new battery is $100. A charger is $30

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    Default If you know the alternator is out...

    Why not break the hand tools, unbolt the alternator and batteries and go to Napa and get some new ones with Full Warranty. That beats frying a welder or the truck for that matter.
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    Default Or you could try this

    Buy the battery charger and some alternator brushes.
    Remove the alternator from the vehicle.
    Charge the battery making sure the negative cable is disconnected from the battery.
    Get a breakdown of your alternator. There should be one on the internet.
    Most of the time it is the brushes.
    Break apart the alternator and see if the brushes are worn down.
    If you can not find the right brushes, find a larger size and file them down to fit. If you go this path you will have to weld the brush wire onto the stock fitting that holds
    the brushes in place. The length is important because you do not want to have the new brush wearing to a smaller size than the old one.
    I welded mine on with a stud welder like the one harbor fr sells for $??.
    I bought my American made one from craigslist for $20.
    Good luck.
    My rebuild cost nothing but time as I had old unused motor brushes on hand.
    I have 50,000 miles on the rebuilt alt. so far. Success and good luck.

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