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Thread: tungsten ?

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    Default tungsten ?

    I was woundering what some of u guys use to sharpen ur tung. I have a benchgrinder but i feel that the stone on it is contaminting it. i have a syn 200 ive dedicated 1 side just 4 tung. when i weld steel and i stop the tip of my tung is yellow. when i took my tig class at school i used a belt sander or the pirhanna. im also still on my 1st box of tungsten its a housebrand i got from my lws. any info is always appreciated.

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    personally, i use a dictionary to sharpen my tongue. ohhhh... you mean tungsten! Sorry. I lost it there for a sec.

    There are tons of posts on the subject. Some like a belt sander while others like a grinder. some stones or belts are dedicated purely to the tung, others arent.

    I have a fairly smooth carbide stone that i use for everything and i dont notice any problems yet
    sharpen your tips to a conical profile 1.5 times the dia of the electrode.
    sharpen in the same direction as the length of the electrode.

    slightly blunt off the point or leave sharp.
    when using A/C the tip or DCEP the tip will form its own ball.

    check this out.. a wealth of info!
    Will it weld? I loooove electricity!

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    You can look on down the list and find the post I put in about a week or so. And see the things that people posted my on this.

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    This has been beaten to death, a search would turn up lots of good info. i like a diamond lapidary wheel, cheap, easy and fast.

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    Default Tungsten sharpening jig

    This is my version of an idea I got from Flajim over at SFT. It works great and produces consistent, repeatable tips on both my 3/32 and 1/16 tungstens. It was easily made from scrap I had in the shop.
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    i use something called a stilo tig. it spins the tungsten just from the angle you hold it on the grinder. also try using a bench belt sander with a 120 grit belt or pad.

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