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Thread: Hello Again

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    Talking Hello Again

    Hey everyone long time no talk I have been busy with school and problems with the ex that have just been ended. School has been great I finally got to try Aluminum and turns out I'm pretty good at it I figure thats the direction going. I feel so much more knowageable about welding now, I may be able to help out more around the message board I hope everyones in good health and still welding strong I just needed to ask about black spots in my aluminum weld I had a good gas flow 30PSI I do believe that machine works wierd most people were only using not even 25 is there anything I can be doing to stop this I made sure my electrode wasnt contaminated what else could it be? Oh ya I did wire brush it just to make sure thats clear.
    Thanks for reading I hope my post helped


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    Black spote is contamination. It could be from the substrate or the brush you used or the tungsten.....
    Black is contamination thats come to surface.
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    Hello there.

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    Make sure you acetone where you are welding and also you filler rod.
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