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Thread: Exhaust project

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    Thumbs up Exhaust project

    Here was my first project with the MM200, I used .035 flux core wire. The pipe is 2.25" chain link fence post. I used a cherrybomb turbo muffler.

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    All right!
    Some of the first projects for my new Craftsman/Harris gas welding outfit a few decades ago were exhaust systems. If you want nice flowing curves you have to spend a little money to buy exhaust U-bends that you can hacksaw sections out of. J.C. Whitney & Co. used to have about the best prices.

    The only downside of being able to do this is that being cheaper than I am smart, I tend to pick up odd generic mufflers of various sizes when I see them on close-out or in a junk store. That means that when I have a car that needs a new muffler, instead of going out and buying the right muffler for, what, $70-$80? (I don't even know what new mufflers cost anymore!), that is, a muffler I could slip right on, instead of that I'll pull out one of my $15-$20 generic mufflers out of the pile and spend hours cutting and fitting and welding to make it fit into the existing exhaust system. DUMB!!

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    The cherrybomb I used was $26.99 from autozone. Thats what was on it when I bought it. It had a nice deep rumble to it, the new muffler doesnt but I still like it.

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