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Well Stillwelding it may be time for you to do a bit more research about non USA manufactured welding equipment.I believe nearly all brands of tig welding equipment produced outside the US are available with foot controls.Also most of the European manufactured machines are technically further advanced than US equipment.I have a 230 amp single phase AC/DC tig manufactured by Kemppi in Finland.It also has the ability to weld Ali in a mix of AC and Dc.
Have a look at Kemppi.com.Also German manufacture EWM machines
So the ability to use a mix of AC/DC current ( yes I understand the waveform ) somehow makes the machine more advanced?? From my understanding the control strategy of a Dynasty series machine can be configured to do the same....the question is....why? Is it really useful...or is it just a gadget? Complication for the sake of complication? Is the effect that much different than pulsed AC? A good reality check for me, is to remember that we went to the moon, using torch welding, transformer tig, slide rules, toggle switches, and skilled engineers and fabricators. I sometimes think we just develop more gadgets to replace skill.