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    Default Audi R8 Hand Welded Aluminum Chassis

    Was watching "Ultimate Factories" on the Audi R8 and was amazed to see that they mig welded the chassis together by hand..
    here is a link to the show

    and here is a link from icar on welded alloy chassis..

    Could not find out what type of welders that Audi uses... anybody have any ideas??


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    Default What welding machines?

    Haven't seen the show, but in the one still image, they look like "Fronius" welding machines. Austrian made and quite sophisticated electronics, I believe. Some US market penetration. Try The only problem (I consider it a problem) is that almost all TIG machines made outside of the US market are based on a torch mounted amperage control. I'm a tried and true "Foot control" TIG welder. I have an ESAB with hand control and just don't like the lack of control I get with the hand switch.

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    Nov 2005


    Maybe I'm wrong but it looks like they're mig welding.

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    Default Rambling reply

    Sorry, I was just rambling about European welding machines in general (TIG). They are MIG welding, and I still think those are Fronius welding machines.

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    Nov 2003


    might very well be Fronius machines... have some info that i-car developed their aluminum car structural repair program in Appleton, Wi. maybe using MM350P machines??? wouldnt mind some input from Andy or somebody from Miller.....
    while skunking around for this found some cool Al design info .....
    here are some links...

    and here an industry group.. lots of info..

    my MM350P and Alumapro would be right at home.....
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    Default Attached files

    Thanks for the PDF file attachment on the Aluminum extrusions. Also, I looked at the video in the link from the first post, and those are definitely "Fronius" equipment. Red and white with a Fronius label on the side. I wouldn't expect much other than Fronius.

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