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Thread: Diversion 165

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    Default Diversion 165

    I am looking at the diversion 165 to replace my just sold mm175. I would pry never go over 1/4" steel and would like its versatility, guys at the Airgas say to get the 165. Whats the pros

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    i would wait till 5/3/10 for the new 180 to come out.
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    Yes thats what I have been looking at foot pedal ect included

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    I saw both the 165 and the 180 last week and I would definitely wait for the 180 if you have 1/4" in mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucafu1 View Post
    i would wait till 5/3/10 for the new 180 to come out.
    Considered that, then found on CL a barely used 165, w/ foot pedal, Argon bottle, lens, some steel rod and the cart for $1200, versus $1700 for the 180 alone. It didn't seem like the duty cycles on the 180 were that significantly enhanced to make any diff for my anticipated uses.

    My expert friends believe I made the right move; both long-time sparkers, one a professional.

    Worst case, I should be able to recoup most of my investment ('tis a Miller, after all) if I need to move up. The 165s are rare (heck, any decent Millers are) on the used market.

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    Yeah, if you have a desire to TIG 1/4", then you should get the 180. The 165 is only rated to 3/16" single pass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NoogaD View Post
    Yeah, if you have a desire to TIG 1/4", then you should get the 180.
    the 180 is multi-voltage input.
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    Sync 200 or 250 or Dynasty 200dx or 350dx. The first one is closest to the price range you're talking about.

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