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    Cool HF Bender making the bent parts the same.

    So you have a bender and need 100 pcs all the same size. No problem here are a few tricks. I needed 100 hangers for my bridges and they have to be exact to suit me anyway. I start with all my bending on the top of the frame unless its a real thick part and the bending would be done inside the frame where its stronger. I just use longer 5/8" bolts i got cheap from the farm store to hold the round dies. The first step is adding a length gauge to the center die bolt. (pic 1) that way i don't need to measure the parts on each bend. Mine is 8" in this pic. (pic 2) is a length gauge cut from sq tube that id ground on the corner to fit the already bent part radius then butts against the die. You must remove the tube before bending or you will have a nice radius and your part will be too long. So just insert it and set some tension on the steel with the handle then remove the gauge. (pic 3) is the bucket of parts that are the required 7 1/16" at the outside. So next time you hear you can't get perfect parts from a 49 dollar HF bender just give me a yell...Bob
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    Good thinking & nice bends.
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    I've got to get myself one of those. Nice job on the rails Bob.

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    Default bender

    Very useful info! I too, have a HF bender. I tell people it is so I can make identical mistakes... Your ideas make it even more useful! Thanks.
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    Awsome bob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm not late...
    I'm just on Hawaiian Time

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    For the $ 100.00 that they cost I have found it to be a tool that cost the least and gives me the most.

    My big problem is with the Harbor Freight tubing roller, They made the dies for tubing and not for pipe.

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