20hp Honda GX620
28gpm two-stage hydraulic pump
W8 x 40 i-beam
3/4" plate steel pusher and wedge
4" cylinder
1.5" rod
factory maple round wheels
ac, cruise... you get the picture
The yellow unit was a hydraulic power station used by a local water district to push pipes under roads. They retardedly sold it to me for $600. New prices...motor $1600, pump $400, flow meter $400, reservoir, hydraulic fittings and motor controls are spendy too.

It busts stuff up and I am loving it. There were some VERY gnarly pieces of knotty birch and it wrecked them into kindling The chics seem interested too- cool. I learned the basics of AC stick welding and made some ugleeeee welds. My neighbor welded the wedge to the i-beam and I welded the anchor point for the cylinder- we'll see.

If anyone asks what part of this project was the hardest... it was definitely drilling the 1" holes for the cylinder clevis points!!! that kind of work will be outsourced if ever needed again.

The hydraulic fluid is way short on capacity so I'll be adding to it- somehow.

video of splitting some white birch.

max tow speed 15mph