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Thread: Trailer project

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    Default Trailer project

    Finally, i will post some pics of my latest project (in between my car of course)
    I picked up this trailer for free out of an alley way! It was sat there with no wheels, a rotten deck and faded paint.
    So i set to on it and stripped it down, repainted it, rewired it, put new wheels on it and reinforced it by welding all the joints up, since it was just bolted together. With new lights and a new deck after that, it's now in this shape. It provided some experience since i had never done much wiring or that kinda thing before. Sorry i don't have "before pics." Had to take these with my bro's camera and forgot to take em before.
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    Nice job! Since this is a restoration, I'm guessing you have no plans? Did you construct the wheel covers yourself or did it come with it? I need to fabricate some for my trailer projects and am looking for ideas.

    These are my two trailer projects. Obviously in the beginning stages.

    This one will become a kayak trailer which I'll build first:

    Not sure what to do with this one. It's pretty heavy steel and old. I'll probably make a utility trailer out of it.

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    Jan 2010
    Calgary, Alberta


    The mud guards (Wheel covers) were on the trailer when i got it. Not sure if you are in Candad or U.S. but there are stores which sell them all over the place. A small bit of fabrication needed maybe.

    I sold the trailer on Friday to a guy who wanted to tow an ATV.

    Good Luck with your trailers.

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