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Look at those outrigger supports, it's pretty easy to see why they don't give you much rigidity- any time you have flat bar in an assembly it's going to flex unless you have something to stop it- using angle iron or (as someone said above) a larger solid bar would be rigid- it can't really do the job it's asked to do as assembled.
Also, when you're doing braces like that, think in terms of triangles- it's the simplest geometric form that's rigid, most framework is designed with that in mind.
Looks fantastic, though, my wife would be beside herself if I built her something like that!
I definitely get it on the triangles, that's why I was thinking of a gusset on the weld tab. What i'm seeing is the flex is not in the diagonal but in the weld tab itself.

Any thoughts on pre-loading the railing? In other words, breaking the welds on the top of the outriggers, pulling the rail an inch or two out of plumb, then welding them back.

I'm also thinking of breaking the welds on the weld tabs and puliing them in closer to the wall so they exert less leverage on the weld tabs.