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Bob, did you silver solder all those different metals together??

No, the pieces were Mig welded together. I laid it all out in sort of groups of pieces - the foreground hill and trees, the background larger mountain,lake and moon/sun -- and tacked the groups together trying to hide as many of the welds as possible. This was done from the backside, with the front facing down on the table. I'd make a small tack on each piece and if it all looked OK after turning it over, I made the weld a bit bigger. I tried to have the "heat spot" from the weld be somewhere on the front where I could get to it with a flap disc on the 4 1/2 grinder so I could get rid of the heat coloring. Then I laid it down in the frame and tacked it to edges. The Heron, grass and cattails were welding onto the front of the frame before putting on the mountains.

It took a bit of thought and layout to hide as much of the welding as I could.

Hope that answered your question.