My buddy approached me a couple of weeks ago to build him a racing stand to hold his steering wheel so he could race better in Forza 3 on Xbox 360. I said I could help with that, then he laid all these little requirements on me.

- Must fold flat.
- Must fit under a bed.
- Must be sturdy.
- Must have adjustable ergonomics.
- Must adapt to a low racing seat and a normal chair.
- Must have a beer holder.

I kept it pretty simple, used all 16GA tubing, and plasma cut some brackets to allow for some adjustments. I covered the table top in rubber, and used rubber to isolate the metal parts so it does not have any metal and metal noises. The only thing not pictured is the small clasp I installed to hold it all together when it's folded up.

He freakin LOVES the thing. He had never welded or done anything like this, so I made sure he had gloves, and let him use my old Speedglas helmet. Showing him how to weld was pretty fun at first. One issue during this project is my Passport seems to not be welding properly. I'm not sure what's up, but messing with it did not help. That made welding this thing gauge tubing a bit challenging at times because the machine was not performing properly.

Anyhow I used scrap or older tube from my material rack. I figured it gave him the experience of flap discing and grinding more to remove the rust! haha. Some will probably think this is silly, but if you happen to enjoy online racing then maybe you can appreciate this. It was a satisfied customer at the end of the project, that's all that matters to me.

More Pics: CLICK HERE (3 pages of pictures)