I know the naysayers will advise me to keep away from this:
I have the structural welding ability, just lack some engineering knowledge. A buddy has an existing set of steel stairs (lying on the ground) they are well made industrial type stairs with a diamond plate tread. 7.25" rise with approximate run of 9". He wants (me) to install them around the back of his house, wrapping a platform and 5 new steps around a corner of his home. The kicker is that the platform and ensuing walkway will need to be cantilievered to avoid inhibiting access to the garage. I 've looked at some Residential Steel beam and Column Load Tables http://www.toolbase.org/PDF/DesignGu...SpanTables.pdf but they might as well be in Arabic for what I can get out of them
Here's some rough sketches of the project. Anybody out there willing to help me size a few columns and beams?