Well the company that make the "Texas Rollback" car hauler is out of business. Something about a fire...

I like the design and understand that the Texas Rollback were a better quality than some of the similar competitors but.... List price on a 20ft, "economy' trailer is $6000!!!! That is for an open deck trailer.....

OK, I have big MIG welder, was thinking about building my own anyway (before I heard about the rollback).

Does anyone have a source for plans? I was thinking about looking at a real roll-back tow truck to get ideas but they are a bit of a different animal. Besides the tow trucks use a hydraulic ram that can effectively move worlds. The roll-back trailers are 'passive' (no hydraulics).

This is a dealer that hasn't removed the rollback page yet to get an idea what it is:

I have done the 'jack up the front' to try to load a low slung race car. Darn headers hanging on the dove tail.