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    Default Congrats!

    I bet you're glad it says Kawasaki and not Toyota! Now don't go and kill yourself on it.

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    suzuki sidekicks,viteras were famous for A-frame cross members cracking.There was a recall for people who had a paper trail for them to recieve a letter...had a friend with a 10 year old grand vitera who had his crack,told him to inquire about recall.Suzuki replaced cross member but told him it was done for customer satisfaction,nothing of a recall was ever told to him.Dig a little deeper, may be a reason for their willingness to replace it.Either way you won...

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    Just looked at thread and was going to tell you to call kawi. But I read that you already did. Kawi had a major problem with there frames that year. My buddy has a Zx-10 with the same issue and the replaced his frame also.

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    I hope he has gotten in fixed in the 2.5 years since he posted it. LOL
    Lincoln Vantage Kubota diesel 30 amp spool gun , Hobart 210 with spool gun, Thermal dynamic pak master 75, miller 304xmt all mobile all ready to go.

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