Like to water ski,

My shop is 38 wide x 40' deep with a 16' ceiling.

I built 2 overhead cranes with hand pull bridges, I suffered for years without cranes.

I used to think having cranes could only be a pipe dream but building them wasnt all that expensive.
They are 2 ton each and the cost not including the footings was about
$ 16,000

As far as the shop goes scale your shop on a large poster board, cut all your tables, welder, steel racks and trucks out of more paper to the same scale.

You can then arrange them around your shop.

I also put pallet racking down each side of the shop and was able to weld the top of the outside leg to my runway beams letting me remove the lower portion of the outside leg. This gave me alot of storage.

Good luck, Your building a good size building.