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    Default a kangas car hauler, you here?

    So "A. Kangas" built this car hauler - - which I think is pretty sweet... are you here on the board? Has anyone seen similar plans anywhere? Looking to build a trailer and this would fit the bill perfectly.


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    H&H makes this same style of trailer. They make a manual version
    and they make a electric version

    I have the steel deck electric version and it is very simple in design but makes life very easy!
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    The real thing to look at is a "Texas Rollback"

    They were expensive, about 2x what a similar trailer would cost but the low ramp angle is god-send for those with low low slung headers.

    Rumor has it they had a fire and decided to close the doors.

    There are a couple of companies and some custom places that make similar trailers.

    I'd love to find plans for something like this - not sure how to keep the deck on the 'under carrage'.
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    That Texas rollback is pretty sweet, it's like sliding a set of tandems on a semi-trailer. Last time I rented a Bobcat, the place had a trailer that tilted manually, you just pull up on it, and when the weight gets over the centerline, it tilted back to level and you would clamp the deck down to the tongue. Very simple design, but worked very well.

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    Default Easy load rollback trailer

    Yeah and those gravity tilts are also very dangerous. I bought the company that invented the Rollback trailer and I hold the current Patten on it. you can see more on the website. Keep in mind I have changed nothing on the site except the contact info.

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