Now, here is a project. I admit it doesn't have a lot to do with welding, more like revitalization of an abused tool for use in welding. Look very closely to see how this guy was using it. It had no switches, you just plugged it in. All guards were removed, but we have all done that from time to time.

This poor thing was really abused by a guy who built trailers for a living. His shop looked about the same. Fortunately for us all he went into real estate after that.

Pix of before and after (I even got decals for it). Lots of hours went into it. I even painted it with their two part paint and was I surprised to find it was a wrinkle finish. It came out fine, but it was the first wrinkle finish I have ever done. I had bed liner sprayed on the lower part where it really gets beat up from metal dropping.