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    I just thought I would throw in some pictures of my shop including the metal part and the paint booth. Don't worry, it is not so spic and span. I installed a 3/4 HP Dayton tubeaxial fan above the bench. I hooked it up with a 3-phase motor and a variable speed drive. I cushioned the mounting and added a hood and a shutter system.

    The welding bench is set up on 4 large casters that I had around. It is a 4 x 6 x 1/4"tube frame in the shape of an H. Vertical framing uses 2 1/2" x 3" x 1/8" tubing that I had around the shop. The shelf is 1/8" plate steel and the top is 3/8" plate steel. The projection on the left is removable. I am also working on some crank down feet to stabilize the unit. It rolls too easily on the big casters.

    Also pictured is a paint booth (powered by 5 hp exhaust fan). It is a bit uglier now having some use.

    I also changed my old single grinder stand to be a triple vise/grinder stand. I have done quite a bit more including cabinets, lathe, mill and a woodshop (that is if you guys are into that, too). I will post the pix if others are interested.


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    Love the table, and the 2 tone paint on the walls

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    Glad to see the pics! I remember when you started making that welding table!!!!!!!!!! Show more pics!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm not late...
    I'm just on Hawaiian Time

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