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Thread: projects

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    No prob 6010. Im around somewhere. if nothing more , we can BS over some possibilities.

    To me it sounds like father like daughter... isnt she fixing things too and keeping some things from breaking even worse....? think about it.
    Will it weld? I loooove electricity!

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    It strikes me that the world your daughter is in could use a more universal solution. Instead of designing a ramp for one situation and doing it all over for another one, how about concentrating on a design of something that is adaptable to most situations.

    Joist hangers come to mind. They do the same job no matter the length of the board that they support.

    If you could come up with a support bracket design that is flexable enough to 'round the corners' and 'follow the grade', all that is left is the length of material between them.

    You could spend a weekend making a ramp for someone, or provide a host of volunteers like yourself with a 'system' that makes them more productive and helping a lot more people.

    If the ramp needs to be removed, the user can keep the hardware and use it in a new location with boards cut to fit the new situation.

    Just a thought........

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    Sounds like Boat dock hardware would be very suitable. I see pipe legs that are adjustable, connector plates like docks have, and a number of standard panels that can be attached together depending on the specific site. Maybe even a 90 degree left and right section where turns are needed. A couple of plates at either end to get on and off and you are good. I'd make the it in 4 foot sections so they are easy enough to handle and store. Probably use 2x2 angle for the frames - turned up on the sides, down on the ends - with a plywood deck with outdoor carpeting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBar View Post
    I have to agree with SafetyDave. As I was welding up new plow shoes today for the snow plow, I thought of 2 new projects without even trying. My project list is now like my honey doo list, I'll never catch up.

    How about wheel chocks, dollies, carts, folding saw horses, racks, shelf brackets, storage cabinet, cooking grill, stools, tables, the list is endless.
    mine is like a unfinished novel .you keep adding pages and you never finish it
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    Smile aluminum ramp

    Hey 6010, hows your ramp project coming along? have you gotten any good ideas for what you want? I was ready your post and just to let you know I did some work for a company years back and we made aluminum ramps for the handi-cap and portable school class rooms that were very usable for several apps and quiet sturdy. We did some that you could fold up and carry or put in the trunk of a car and not take up alot of room (4'x36")open (4'x16")closed see what i'm getting at, if you would like I could get you some phone numbers and names for you? But also you could check on the web under handi-cap ramps or portable entry systems you should come up with some info on that. if you want more info on this shoot me a line and i'll be glad to help out.

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    SignWave , safetydave, Big_Eddy ,AnotherDano

    Thanks for the ideas and offer of help. I hope to be starting this project soon. My biggest impediment at the moment is getting my lazy rear end out of this computer chair and getting to work.

    I am researching all the applicable building codes now and will get the local inspector to sign off on the project before I begin. After finishing a house this spring, I think this is how to start off. The house took me almost a year and an half and was by far my biggest Black and Decker project to date. If I hadn't gotten the 2003 International Residential Building Code on CD ROM I would probably still be working on it.

    I have a friend that was once one of my vendors. He owns a big metal company now. I think if I convince him what a worthwhile humanitarian project this is he would probably cut me a deal on the metal. Especially if I told him we could probably get a picture of the finished project in the local paper with his name and his contribution, maybe even his picture standing beside it. Well, I think he would go for that. That is just the kind of guy he is. I think some people call it a " good businessman. "
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