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    Question Arrrgh! What the??? - Brown color on TIG welds

    I am doing some practice welds on plain steel. Argon, 3/32 tungsten, between 60 and 100 amps for tests. No filler rod at this point, just trying to establish clean lines and practice making a good arc and all that sort of thing.

    The first set of five welds that I did at different amperage for each all came out looking decent, just nice, clean lines. I covered that piece with work, so I moved it, got another piece (each piece was prepped the same by running it on the grinder to remove all mill scale), and when I went and made a bead it popped and sputtered and I got a huge smoky-looking brown color all around the bead.

    I tried changing amp settings - nope! I then went back to the original piece of steel I'd been using, thinking something was up with the steel, and when I made another bead on that one I got a big, huge line of porosity.

    What the **** is going on here? I didn't change anything! Tungsten was still good from the switch of one piece to the next, I resharpened, and still just utter crap!

    What causes this discoloration I'm seeing? Do I maybe have a leak in my gas hose somewhere - a loose fitting or something? My welds went from looking acceptable to looking horrid in the space of about ten seconds. I'm really stuck here.


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    You can find similar problems on other posts, I too sometimes have this same annoying problem, without resolution. Most guys will tell you it's a shielding gas problem and to switch to a gas lens. I use a gas lens, and like you, I can make a pass on the same piece of steel and go from a beautiful melted fusion bead to sh!+ without any changes in my process or procedure. WTF?
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    That seems to be what I've got goin' on here, man. I tightened up my hose connections, although they didn't seem like they were particularly loose. Then I went and made up six plain coupons to just string beads on.

    Result: except for a few beads where there was probably some crap on the metal, everything looked great - nice, shiny, clean beads with no odd coloration at all. WTH???? - is right. I guess I can be glad I'm laying down some good beads? Dunno. Really frustrating. Consistency is what I have been going after with this bad boy, and this really has me over a barrel. I guess I'm just going to hope that it doesn't crop up again, at least not any time soon.

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