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Thread: new here

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    Mar 2010

    Smile new here

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone just bought a mm 140 auto saturday welding new to me for repairs on mowers snowplow/blowers and making stuff for around the house once i get going will post pics, first project a cart as is every ones what do you all think of the 140 thanks good night all

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    Default Welcome!

    Good place to come for asking questions and reading how others do things. Good luck. You may need a thick skin sometimes.

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    Feb 2010
    Houston, Tx.


    We try not to be too abusive the first week. Just kidding, there are a lot of great people on here that can help you out with most problems you will encounter. Welcome to the forum and hope you enjoy your new machine.

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    Jan 2007
    Columbia SC


    Welcome to the forum ... I have an old MM90 and it does just fine. Always apply the weld start to the thickest metal and move to the thinner one.
    Shoot I even weld railroad spikes and someone said my welder was too small ...

    There is a lot to learn here ..

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    Mar 2010
    Las Vegas


    Welcome :] this is a really great place for ideas, advice and suggestions. You learn a lot on here. And a lot of the people here can be pretty fun as well, you just have to learn to put up with them ;]
    have fun with your new machine!! :]

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    Sep 2008
    Dalton, GA


    You will love your MM140. I started with one about 3 years ago, this year I moved up to a MM211. The 211 is like having a 140 when using the 110v, and having capacity for heavier steel on the 220v.

    Read everything you can find, ask questions on this forum, and post pictures of your projects. Understand you will have hobbiests and professionals helping/critiquing/criticising your work. You may need a thick skin occasionally, but these guys will help you improve your welding.

    Add your location to your profile, there may be guys close enough to help you in person.

    Welcome to welding!
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