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    Aug 2007
    Central Fla.

    Default Some Small Welding Projects

    Been a while since I posted any stuff I've welded, so I finally got a chance to do so. Been a real tough winter down here so I haven't been in the shop much in the last couple of months.

    Pipe & Rod Jig_640X480.jpg

    Torch Accessories1_640X480.jpg

    Torch Accessories2_640X480.jpg


    Cross fixtures_640X480.jpg

    A couple of these pics show some crosses I make out of horseshoe nails and also the jigs I use to hold the parts in place while I tig them.

    Another couple of pics show my circle cutter and tip standoff I made for my gas torch.

    The other pic is of a rod/pipe holder I made some time ago to keep things in line for welding.


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    Oct 2007

    Default "Tri-Clamps?"

    Hey Sporty, where'd you find those 3-way clamps? I see Bessey makes them, and sold through Amazon, but thought you might have found them at HD or Lowe's
    "Bonne journe'e mes amis"

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    Aug 2007
    Central Fla.


    Those came from Harbor Freight. If I remember, less than $2.00 each at the time. They're called "edge clamps".
    I've got some I use for woodworking that I got at Sears many years ago. Don't know who made them though. Bought these HF ones so I wouldn't screw my good ones up with spatter.

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