Well, I finally got some traction on this project and hope to finish most of the installation by this weekend. Here is a link to some of my photos.


Note how small my "shop" is. It can be frustrating if you don't plan ahead.

A few observations and lessons learned:

Steel stays hot for a long time and it doesn't care if you forget not to touch it

This stuff gets heavy once you start welding it all together.

Unlike wood, if you screw up and cut something short, you can weld a piece on to make it longer.

Welding with .023 and gas is a lot different than using .030 flux-core.

Site building a piece and not covering it with plastic and not checking the forecast equals a lot of wire-wheel work.

For my purpose, a wood bench worked just fine.

I didn't have a single burn back and didn't flash myself once. I'm kind of proud of this fact since I actually had my hood up and my finger on the trigger TWICE and caught myself.

I found that my welding is like my golf game...It can be very frustrating but it's the few good shots that give you reassurance and keep you motivated. It's real easy to be a bad welder.