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    Okay Harv, now I'm with you. For some reason I just assumed the rods were being laid along side of the posts. Yes, for putting them between posts I totally agree with how you describe it.

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    Like others have mentioned, make a S hook and use a piece of chain with a S hook on the other end hood one over the top rail and let the other hold the next rail. They are adjustable with the links of chain. We use these for rails all the time and they work great.
    If you are running your sucker rod on the oustside of the posts continuosly and screwing them together it is a good idea to weld one end and take a handyman jack or come along and "stretch" your sucker rod for best results.

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    Just Like JSFabs - this was a board fence but the same principle applies. Made 4 of them - with 2 boys on the screwguns, they could attach the boards as fast as I could carry them. 800' of 4 rail fencing in an afternoon.

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