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    Well dang. Glad you never hurt yourself rolling around on the floor, Bert! Yep, I be a youngun. Born back in the '40s. Now my ex-wife, she was born in the '70s, got too old for me, she's 32 now. She's over there in your neck of the woods this week with Tracy. (He's the guy she lives with in a $1,100,000 house up in Hillsboro. She left because all I had was this old house and that old machine shop and she deserved better.
    But she still buys me presents and gives me stuff. Just gave me a $250 camera (one of the small Canon's) to pack around. I try to make all these small photos clickable as links like I did like my sign in my signature. Just click on them to go to the website.
    This is Ani. Too old, too fat for me. 32 and 104lbs.


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    An Automotive Machine Shop

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