I`m building a flatbed for my 69 pick up, the outside frame work is made of 2x4 tubing and measures 75'' x 8'1'' long.I am using 5'' x 2'' 3/16 wall tubing for the main runners.First, I`m wondering if I nead to put any gussets on the runners or if the weld alone is enough(they are welded on the main frame and every runner all four sides of each joint). Second, I am planning on putting a slide out ramp in the frame rails like what you would see on a u haul truck.With the ramp, I would like to plate the rear of the bed and have a hinged door that when closed would hide the ramp.I`m thinking about using a utility box style handle and making the hinge out of round stock and pipe on the back side to give it a cleen look. Has any one done this?If you have any ideas, and or pictures I would like to see them.Thanks