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Thread: welding in Iraq

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    don't forget the beheadings..... any American will do,I'm sure.

    Your son? My experience with 14 year olds is 1) they are exercising their natural tendency to "separate" from their parents 2) it's getting better by 15 3) by driving age, they will do whatever you want 4) they want the discipline so they have something to complain about. Being here to bug him will do him more good to turn him into a man than being out of his life.

    Between the bridge rebuilding, the refinery refreshing, possible nuclear reactor construction, and windmill towers, I think there are good welding jobs around our country.

    Hang in there, conditions have a way of suddenly changing around for the best!

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    Man, you can come to Canada and work in the oil fields and make nearly twice that in a year if your into hard work.

    chances of having your a$$ blown off are much less.

    you only live once and no job is worth being kidnapped or blown up, especially for a mear 90k

    is your life really worth 90k

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    Oct 2007
    Prairieville, Louisiana

    Smile 90k

    If you are young and willing to sacrifice . . . go to school for 2 years and become a pipe designer . . . . They are making over $65.00 an hour in Alaska.

    I'm an instrument designer, 54 years old considering going back for piping classes . . . .


    P.S. A mid-level designer can make $90,000 here in the states. . . .
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