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Thread: welding chair

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    Default welding chair

    has anyone ever made a welding chair out of an automotive bucket seat ?
    i got the idea the other day, when, after welding for 10 hours and my back hurting, how much better i felt when i hopped in my truck for the ride home.
    seems like it would be real comfortable when setting for 10 hours a day.
    if anyone has made one, please post pics, because i think i am gonna make me one soon.
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    well no. But I do know a guy that built a bar stool with an old tractor seat and put horse shoes at the bottom for foot stands

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    You have to wait till Rocky gets back, he had a welding chair.

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    Default Comfortable Welding chair

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    Something I saw at a junkyard near my old house may interest you. The junkyard guys had taken a tire and rim, filled with cement, and attached a Cadillac spindle to it. On top of the post was one of the "captain's chairs" from either an RV or a van, and the footrest was a steering wheel. Because the seat was mounted on the spindle, it turned very easily. (Sorry, I don't have pictures - that particular junkyard is now 900 miles away from where I call home ... )

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    Quote Originally Posted by TerryL View Post
    That'll work LOL You'll be able to do kind of burning in that..SUNBURNING lol
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    how about an old office chair... they roll around, swivel, and recline. that's what i have in my shop when i don't feel like standing under the lift.

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    I don't know about welding, but a couple of things that make for decent chairs.

    1) High back seats from the 70's (GM). Cars were made for long cruises while sitting on you @$$. The seats had to be reasonably comfortable. You don't want real buckets (unless you have problems falling out of chair). 4 pieces of angle iron for legs, a simple square frame. If you burn in the angle iron well, some 1x1x1/8 will hold just fine even at 3ft long. The little bit of flex in the legs will help it level on whatever floor you put it. If you want to put smooth feet on it, basically stand the chair up on some round pieces of plate and weld the legs to it.

    2) Custom van seats - Neighbor picked up a "executive limousine" - basically a small bus - Ford 450 Diesel, which he converted to a camper. Inside were 12 high back, cloth seats. I took two and made a pair of bar stool style work seats. I made new seat tracks for them and left the tilt mechanism in place. I tacked the seat together to double check the weight distribution. Kinda nice to be able to lean back on a stool...

    I have not welded while sitting in these seats. To afraid the sparks will kill them. Suppose that one day I could cover them in something flame resistant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by con_fuse9 View Post
    I have not welded while sitting in these seats. To afraid the sparks will kill them. Suppose that one day I could cover them in something flame resistant.
    Ive got some old leathers lying around if ya want
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    TerryL Comfortable Welding chair

    Try this chair

    Is that for the overhead position
    Fab Tech

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