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    Quote Originally Posted by FusionKing View Post
    IFor as much as it costs I believe you would be better off to save a few hundred more and get a 230v machine.
    Good point.

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    And so it goes it seems. You don't shoot elephants with 22's and you don't squirrel hunt with 30-06's. Either is possible and make the kill.

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    Default I know this welder.

    Again not to pick on one's machine and/or ego. This thing is a whopping pile of gerbil sh!&. This of course providing it's the "pro" model that the HD carries. One of the guys that works in the shop got one for his nephew and brought it along with his nephew to take it for a test drive. I laughed so hard I dam& near passed out and as a result I can only and vaguely remember that it was constructed like something you would see in a HF store and perhaps it's only competition would be a bic lighter. I own 2 Lincoln machines and I can only surmise that: Lincoln has a low-end product to satisfy weekend fun-seekers and of course the professional products?

    My .02

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason280 View Post
    How exactly did he fall victim to the confusing line up? Every model is easily researched on Lincoln's website, as well as any number of other welding websites.
    I naturally assumed he did the research needed to make his choice, but again 7 different machines. Go look them all up yourself and see. Maybe you can tell what internal differences there are.
    Once again, everything you stated should have been noticed in Lowe's, not once you got home. .
    read,... gift for BIL. I bought what I was told he wanted. If it was my choice at the time he would have received a Miller.

    It seems to me you both went out and made a spur of the moment decision, and now are trying to somehow blame Lincoln for your lack of research.
    Spur of the moment? Not something I do. I blame Lincoln for their marketing approach. Why are they the only welder manufacturer that needs to market 7 different 180a machines. If you go into your LWS and ask about any model other than the PowerMigs they can offer no information because they are not in the catalogs. They are for retail mass marketers and not sold anywhere other than the box stores.
    I have no problem accepting someone's criticism of a product, but only when it has merit.
    Jason, You do not have to accept it, it is of course my opinion, and it only has to have merit to me.

    One more thing. If it had never been used, why didn't you just take it back to Lowe's for a full refund?
    Because I bought it and sat on it until his birthday and the receipt got lost in the interim and frankly I just wanted to be rid of it. I offered it up at a loss and someone else is I assume happy with his new welder.

    And I noticed no one else was able to give him an answer as to what is the difference between a PowerMig 140 and a MigPak 140, and why is that?
    Because one is a pro model sold only through recognized welding distributors that they are happy to provide specs for, and the other is a retail product that they really don't care enough about to show on their website
    Flame me, defend them if you please. But in small Migs right now its Miller or Hobart
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