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    Default Straightening a Maganese plate?

    I had this come up today at work.Another millwright at the plant had to pull the door out of a shot peener and the door is warped.This is a 1/4" thick plate aproximatley 18x24" I believe.It has about a 1" bow in it.
    He applied heat to it and put it in a press.He got some of the bow out but not all of it.He was worried about it cracking by taking it too far with the press.
    Has anyone here every have any ezperiance with this material?

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    Any manganese steel, last thing you want to do is apply excess heat to it. Even just welding, no preheat, stringer beads only, let it cool between passes.
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    Ok no excessive heat.Oops i think he used a rose bud on it.I wasn't there when he was doing that I just saw it in the press and had it pushed down about an inch the opposite way of the bow.
    So should he just run stringers beads across it to pull it back flat?If thats what you mean what kind of rod should he use?We have mig machines at this plant and a few gas driven units.
    I just want to know what the proper procedure would be to get this thing flat ,as I will probably come into the same situation in the future.

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    I don't think he's telling you to pull the curve out with stringers, just to avoid putting a lot of heat into manganese steels.

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