I got the idea off this miller site, welding projects under In The Shop on page 14, someone has plans but if you look into them his photos contradict the drawings.
I needed to make some revisions to get to work.

In step#2 the holes in the 1 1/2x3 are shown in a strait line in the photo he left the ends on, no openings

In steps #3-4 legs are different lengths ones 30 other 30 3/4 whats up with that. Ill get to that later

In the photos next to step#7 the drawing shows the bolt holes aligned, in the photo to the right the bolt holes are offset, now this will fold up if he cut open one of the ends on the 1 1/2 tube

In the photo in step#9 his bolts are offset but the end of the 1 is not cut, again the legs will not fold in side

Now looking at the photo in step#10 the bolts are offset this would make sense for having one leg 30 and the other 30

This project goes south in step #2 the holes need to be drilled offset of one another for it to work