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Thread: "A" Frame

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    Default "A" Frame

    I want to build a "A" frame to hold a 1 ton (2000lbs) trolley and a hoist
    to lift things with. I have the trolley and hoist now I need to build the "A" Frame. I was thinking of using a 8"x18 I beam 20 feet long and was thinking of making it 15 feet tall. with one A frame on a 6' wide axle with
    15"trailer wheels on it. and swivel wheels on the other A frame so I can steer & turn it.
    I need big car wheels on it so I can roll it across the yard. I dont have a shop to put it in.
    do any of you have any pictures of "A" Frames or prints that you have made or know of as to help me decide on how I am going to make this
    I have looked at Granity cranes but have not found what I am looking for.
    any help would be apreciated
    Thanks in advance

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    I dont have pictures or anything like that but if you need info on design criteria, like load bearing cap. etc. this is a good link.
    To all who contribute to this board.
    My sincere thanks , Pete.

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    Default a - frame


    here's what I got...

    12 feet wide... 8 feet high
    spread on legs is 6 feet at bottom -- 2 feet at the cross brace
    legs are approx 8' 8" long from top of H-beam to wheel plate
    beam is 6" H-beam
    legs are 2" black pipe
    cross braces and diagonals are " x 2 and " x 3 flat bar
    wheels are 8" steel casters

    have lifted approx 3500 # with it... the wheels tend to bury up a little in the dirt with that much weight but it rolls with no problem across yard/grass. On concrete it will run away from you.

    I've got a trolley for it... but just haven't mounted it up. Mainly it's for lifting big stuff off my trailer (in the corner of the picture) so I can pull my trailer out from under it. Plenty high for an engine lift... although a cherry picker is a better choice. I spread this beam this year from 8' to 12' so it would straddle my trailer, wheels and all. The 3500# lift was made after the spread... I've got details on that if you're interested...

    8" I-beam ??? somewhere between 18 and 23# per foot x 20 = 360-400# of I-beam... plus the weight of legs, wheels, etc... You're gonna need an a-frame to lift it !!! seriously 15' high is gonna need some equipment/crane to raise it the first time... I did mine with a chain hoist and an oak tree, by myself and it was a bear... good luck and be careful.

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    I like the desghn of it just seams like its got a thin frame

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    Default Wheels

    Here is a shot of a smaller one I made out of steel pipe. I made the mistake of making one side non-caster like you were describing and the darn thing would not maneuver very good. Ended up changing out to castered all around. Recommend all casters. Ken
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